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Role of the Honorary Stewards

The role of the Honorary Stewards is to provide:


  • A warm welcome to guests as they arrive at the Championships

  • Assistance and management of the on-day sales Queue for non-Ticket Holders

  • Assistance and information to Ticket Holders as they arrive at the Gates

  • Assistance and information inside the Grounds

  • Queue management and advice for guests to Ticket Resales

  • Stewarding on Show Courts and outside courts if required

  • Working alongside the security and other teams to provide a safe environment for guests inside and outside the grounds


Your commitment as an Honorary Steward


You are asked to volunteer to serve between a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 days of the Championships according to one of the following options:​

  • 10 days - 1st week Monday through to 2nd week Wednesday

  • 14 days - 1st week Monday through to final Sunday, with one rest day


You will also be expected to attend a training and a briefing day:


  • Training day – In advance of the Championships, first year Stewards are required to attend a training day (a Saturday in May or early June) where the detailed duties and responsibilities of the Honorary Stewards will be covered along with practical radio training and familiarisation with all parts of the grounds.


  • Briefing day – On the Sunday immediately before the Championships, there is a briefing day for all Honorary Stewards where operational, security, and health and safety details will be covered.


Championships - Duty schedules will normally start at 6 am, 8 am or 8 pm, but may vary. Some night duties may be involved.  A typical day is likely to be 12+ hours including breaks.  You will need to be available to work on every day of the Championships, although a day off is offered.


Expenses and Allowances


As a volunteer you will not be paid for being a Steward, but you will be able to claim reasonable travel expenses and, for those living over 40 miles away from the ground, a lodging allowance as well.  All meals are provided and are paid for using a card that has a fixed daily amount.


Although you are responsible for providing your own uniform, you will receive a daily allowance to contribute to the cost of buying, replacing and cleaning your uniform.  Further details will be provided should you be invited to serve.


Honorary Stewards key attributes and responsibilities


To provide exceptional service and assistance to members of the public attending the Wimbledon Championships each year.


To enjoy dealing with people individually and en masse.


To have a calm temperament, a good sense of humour and plenty of common sense.


To have a good knowledge of and enthusiasm for the game of tennis.


To be able to communicate clearly, convincingly and helpfully with a wide range of people and be prepared to volunteer assistance.


To work well within a team, being an active participant: alert, reliable, co-operative and supportive to all team members.


To be in good health and sufficiently physically fit to fulfil all the requirements in the role of an Honorary Steward. You may be working for 12 hours a day or more - and on your feet for much of that time.


To be ready to work long and sometimes physically demanding hours in performing these duties, whatever the weather.


To be able, by your performance, bearing and appearance, to uphold the reputation of the Association in its contribution to the success of the Championships.

At all times you will need to abide by the rules of the AELTC and be aware of the security and evacuation procedures in the AELTC handbook.


Please note that being an Honorary Steward does NOT constitute employment and that invitations to serve at the Championships are issued each year by the Chief Steward.

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